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Islamic State Remains Unpredictable as it Regroups

Islamic State Remains Unpredictable as it Regroups

The Islamic State terror group is adapting to the loss of its self-declared territorial caliphate by returning to its origins and becoming once again a more local, Iraq-focused insurgency, and is recruiting in remote border areas in Iraq’s western desert. But it still harbors ambitions to strike in the West, warn European officials and analysts.

Britain’s Security Minister Ben Wallace on Thursday warned that Islamic State and rival jihadists in al-Qaida remain a serious threat to the West. Exploiting the internet and social media platforms, IS can still recruit Westerners, and if not organize attacks itself at least inspire adherents to strike, he said.

 "That means that everyone has potentially an ISIS problem in every country around the world,” he told Britain’s Sky News. “It is a different type of threat because at the moment it's manifesting itself in lone actors.”

 For security services the threat is unpredictable “because they have to watch one person who may be just literally talking to themselves on one day and the next day they'll go and grab a knife or a truck.”


Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

12 2019 12:36 -

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