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Japan celebrates World Heritage listing in Baku

Japan celebrates World Heritage listing in Baku

Japan celebrates World Heritage listing in Baku, NHK reports.

Japanese delegates have celebrated the decision of the World Heritage Committee to add a group of burial mounds in Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, to the list of World Cultural Heritage sites.

They held a reception at a hotel on Saturday evening in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, where the committee of the UN cultural agency met.

The Mozu-Furuichi Tumulus Clusters, which span the cities of Sakai, Habikino, and Fujiidera, consist of 49 mounds built in the late fourth and fifth centuries.

For the past eight years, the governor of Osaka Prefecture and mayors of the three cities have been working together as part of a group to achieve the listing.

Officials of government ministries and local governments who are involved in the effort and Japanese and overseas advisors were at the reception.

Japan's ambassador to UNESCO, Takio Yamada, said the site was highly commended and praised by foreign representatives. He said it shows how much the residents of the area have loved, preserved, and protected the mounds for 1,600 years.

One of the foreign advisors who helped Japanese officials put together the nomination dossier is C.A.M van Rooijen of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

He told NHK that the biggest mound is about the same size as a pyramid in Egypt and a tomb of a Chinese Emperor.

He said the mounds are unlike others because of their shape and that they will attract many tourists through their World Cultural Heritage status.


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