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Karabakh horses - the heritage of Azerbaijan

Karabakh horses  - the heritage of Azerbaijan

For millennia, the horse was a faithful friend and companion of man. Despite the development of science and technical progress, in the modern world, interest in horse breeding has not changed at all. In Azerbaijan, which is an integral part of the Turkic world, people from ancient times are engaged in breeding horses. Perhaps the most famous Azerbaijani national breed of horses is the Karabakh horse, whose birthplace is Karabakh. However, it can be said that this breed is distributed throughout the territory of Azerbaijan and is developing well in all regions of our country. Karabakh horses are a symbol of the country's national heritage.

Karabakh horse breed is called one of the oldest in the world. The homeland of this breed is the highlands of Karabakh. The most typical representatives of this breed were kept at the Agdam stud farm, which is considered the breeding core for the Karabakh breed. But in view of the fact that at present, Aghdam is located on the territory occupied by Armenian separatists, all horses from this farm were evacuated to the Agdzhebedi district and placed on Lemberan winter pastures.

Modern Karabakh horses are medium-sized animals, about 144-154 cm high at the withers, with a neck of medium length, a small head, a deep and wide chest, and well-developed muscles. Horses of this breed are distinguished by clear and fast movements, harmonious physique. Precisely because of this, in folklore, the horses of the Karabakh breed were often compared to gazelles. Karabakh horses have a beautiful color. The color of the Karabakh breed can be red, buckthorn, brown, bay, gray or golden-red, which is also called the "golden glow".


Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

6 2019 15:50 -

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