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Azerbaijani army ready to fulfill any military order

The Azerbaijani army is one of the 50 strongest armies in the world, deputy head of the General Staff of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, head of the Main Directorate of Combat Training and Military Education, Lieutenant General Nizam Osmanov said.

Osmanov made the remarks in Baku at the graduation ceremony of cadets of the Azerbaijan Higher Military School named after Heydar Aliyev and the Military Academy of the Armed Forces, Trend reports on June 22.

“Much work is being carried out to increase the combat capability of the Azerbaijani army, which is stipulated by the purchase of the most modern weapons and equipment, as well as systematic exercises,” he said.

"The Azerbaijani army is ready to fulfil any military order," Osmanov added. “There is an unshakable commonness between the Azerbaijani army and the Azerbaijani people. The Azerbaijani people support the army and are always close to it."


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24 2019 15:29 -

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