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Experts: Kremlin Yielded to Protests for Political Self-Preservation

Ivan Golunov, a journalist who worked for the independent website Meduza, sits in a cage in a court room in Moscow, Russia, Saturday, June 8, 2019. A prominent investigative journalist who was detained on drug-dealing charges in Russia. This story originated in VOA's Russian service.

Since last week's stunning reversal, when Russian officials abruptly scrapped drug charges against a prominent investigative reporter and then jailed the officers who fabricated them, the multitudes who rallied for his release seemed to revel in a brief victory over an often-repressive state apparatus.

But numerous regional experts say the unexpected — and unexpectedly swift — act of leniency had little to do with adherence to legal procedure or an expanding respect for a free press.

They say the sudden arrest, detention, and shockingly rapid release of Ivan Golunov, 36, whom Moscow police officers tried to frame with drug charges based on demonstrably false evidence, was fueled by a blend of internal Kremlin politics and burgeoning domestic crises.

"The first reason is internal conflicts and complexities in the Kremlin — some of which are visible on the surface, some not — among various groups governing Russia in Putin's name," media analyst Vasily Gatov of the University of Southern California told VOA.


Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

21 2019 11:25 -

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