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EU Fears British Conservatives Not Realistic About Brexit

European Union officials are warning the October 31 Brexit deadline will likely have to be extended - if Britain is to leave the bloc in an orderly way - whoever the British Conservatives pick as their next leader and the country's prime minister.

They fear Boris Johnson, the runaway favorite to succeed Theresa May, whose prime ministership foundered on Brexit rocks, doesn't understand that and still thinks he can use brinkmanship to turn the clock back two years and start fresh negotiations, as though a withdrawal agreement hasn't been struck between London and Brussels.

In the second knockout ballot to select two contenders to present to the party's 160,000 members to pick the new leader, Johnson again came out well ahead of his rivals with 126 votes.  His nearest challenger, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, received 46 votes.  There were six candidates in all Tuesday, but in the next ballot Wednesday there will be only five.


Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

19 2019 12:06 -

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