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Russian ambassador: Interesting to work in Azerbaijan

It is interesting to work in Azerbaijan, Russian ambassador to Azerbaijan Mikhail Bocharnikov told Trend in "PREZIDENT. Musteqillik. Tehlukesizlik. Rifah" video project.

“Many events occur here both from the point of view of the international agenda and in terms of the active Russia-Azerbaijan relations,” he added. “As for the work, I like to work here because it is interesting to do it from a professional point of view. Azerbaijan is at the center of various international interests, at the center of the international agenda.”

“Many events occur here, there is a lot of work for a foreign diplomat,” Bocharnikov added. “On the one hand, this concerns the international agenda, on the other hand, there is extensive bilateral cooperation between Russia and Azerbaijan. This does not allow to be lazy, but on the contrary, it makes one work very much and intensively. I like this as a professional. This gives great professional satisfaction. So, I am glad that the first year of my activity and life in Baku greatly impresses me."

The diplomat also spoke about his impressions of the capital of Azerbaijan - Baku.

"Almost a year has passed since I work in Baku,” he said. “Of course, I have already had impressions. I can say with confidence that I like Baku. It is a very comfortable and warm city. There are friendly people here. It is nice to be here. Unfortunately, I rarely walk in the city because the work takes a lot of time.

“But I really love to do it,” Bocharnikov said. “Baku has special historic buildings or those buildings that are stylized as historical. The role of the revolutionary architects who created this unique look in Baku has been fairly emphasized. The modern buildings of the city are amazing. They are modern, modernistic but they do not spoil the general impression about Baku, on the contrary, they add something fresh and new."

“It is pleasant that there are a lot of green areas, a lot of parks in Baku,” he added.

"It is especially pleasant to realize when you recall the history of this place, which was distinguished by the oil getting to the surface,” Bocharnikov said. “The landscaping work conducted during the history of the city, and especially during the period of Azerbaijan’s independence, is very impressive.”

“Of course, Baku Boulevard is beautiful,” he said. “It is pleasant that a lot of people walk there every evening, especially when the weather is hot, and the whole families with children walk even after midnight. This all testifies to favorable atmosphere in the city."


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