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Minorities Still Lack a Strong Voice in New European Parliament

BRUSSELS - Ethnic and racial minorities make up at least 10% of the EU's population but will hold just 5% of seats in the new European Parliament, leaving them under-represented at a time when nationalism, far-right rhetoric and hate speech is on the rise, rights advocates say.

Minorities will hold just 36 seats in the 751-strong EU assembly following last month's elections, the European Network Against Racism noted.

The risk of under-representation is that "policy coming out of the European Parliament is very much less reflective of ethnic minorities or migrants because they're not directly... there", said Sarah Chander, senior advocacy officer at the network.

Top EU jobs - including that of the head of the European Parliament - are now up for grabs following the bloc-wide vote.

While the EU has for the first time set itself a target of achieving gender parity in the most prominent roles, no such call has been made for representation of ethnic and racial minorities.

Lack of diversity in EU institutions has been highlighted over the years by the #brusselssowhite Twitter campaign.


Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

14 2019 15:43 -

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