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Iran Tells German Envoy Its Patience Is Over, Fars Reports

Iran Tells German Envoy Its Patience Is Over, Fars Reports

BERLIN — Iran told a German envoy seeking to preserve the 2015 nuclear deal that its patience was over and urged the treaty's remaining signatories to fulfill their commitments after the United States pulled out, the Fars news agency reported on Thursday.

The semi-official Fars news agency said Araghchi had relayed Iran's impatience during the talks.

Britain, France and Germany, which signed the 2015 deal along with the United States, China and Russia, are determined to show they can compensate for last year's U.S. withdrawal from the deal, protect trade and still dissuade Tehran from quitting an accord designed to prevent it developing a nuclear bomb.

But Iran's decision earlier this month to backtrack from some commitments in response to U.S. measures to cripple its economy threatens to unravel the deal, under which Tehran agreed

to curbs on its uranium enrichment program in exchange for the removal of most international sanctions.


Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

24 2019 10:56 -

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