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Heydar Aliyevs epoch in nations history

Heydar Aliyevs epoch in nations history

May 10 marks the 96th birthday anniversary of Heydar Aliyev, the national leader, who made an exceptional contribution to the history of the country and played a great role in the formation of Azerbaijani statehood.

The Heydar Aliyev phenomenon is unique as people of all generations in Azerbaijan honor the national leader and pay tribute for his generous work aimed at development of the country.

Without history there is no future. In this regard, the policy pursued by Heydar Aliyev is being continued today by President Ilham Aliyev. Heydar Aliyev, being one of the most respected politicians of the entire Turkic world, is a figure that causes great interest among historians.

He led the nation in a very dramatic period of its history paving the country’s way to its bright future, and his merit cannot be overestimated. Thanks to his unwavering convictions and historical vision, Heydar Aliyev succeeded in realizing the independence dream of Azerbaijani people.

A 35-year history of Azerbaijan, covering the period from the late 1960s to the beginning of the 21st century is directly linked to the name of Heydar Aliyev.

İn the Soviet Era, modernization of the republic began namely during Heydar Aliyev's leadership in Azerbaijan. His charismatic leadership, firm will, political foresight, managerial talent, leadership and global outlook were as important as ever also in the early 1990s - when the country was at the verge of civil war and loss of independence. At the time, Heydar Aliyev undertook a mission to save the nation from the threat of destruction.

Starting from 1993, Azerbaijan demonstrated a breakthrough in all areas. This phase, covering the 1993-2003, was a period of rapid development and stability.

Over 10 years of presidency Heydar Aliyev carried out radical reforms in the country, leaving a viable state for the nation, constructed from almost devastated country.

The “Contract of the Century” was a triumph of the policy based on the oil strategy pursued by national leader Heydar Aliyev, paving the way for bolstering the country's geopolitical standing and economic integration. It was signed with the Western oil companies in Baku on September 20, 1994 and played a crucial role in the establishment of internal stability.

Besides, Heydar Aliyev, who spearheaded the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline project, did much to attract huge western capital to Azerbaijan, what created many new jobs and lead to the development of several fields. Moreover, the national leader initiated the development of a new Constitution, which was adopted in 1995.

Heydar Aliyev is more than a political figure, he is a symbol of modern Azerbaijani state. Heydar Aliyev’s leadership is a great and honorable epoch in the national history.


Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

11 2019 16:11 -

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