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Azerbaijan is ready for UEFA Europe League Final

The State Tourism Agency will operate in collaboration with other governmental bodies, especially with AZAL (Azerbaijan Airlines) and AFFA (Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan) during UEFA Europe League Final that will be held on 29 May 2019 in Baku. The State Tourism Agency expresses its readiness to welcome all foreign visitors and tourists for ensuring their convenience.

The long-awaited by fans the UEFA Europe League Final’s tickets are on sale from the December 2018. Preparations for this big event has been carried out for a long time considering all aspects of the final.

It should be mentioned that apart from AZAL’s direct flights from London to Baku and from Baku to

London on the 29th and 30th May, there will be organized more than 40 charter flights during event days. Moreover, AZAL and football clubs are negotiating to organize additional charter flights too.

There are many hotels with a different price range in the capital city Baku from international brand to local ones to accommodate foreign travelers during the event.

All details of the event including flight, accommodation, and security of visitors have been taken into consideration deliberately by the state and business stakeholders. There is no need to emphasize that Azerbaijan is listed in the first places among safe countries for tourists and foreign visitors with zero terror threat rate.

All stakeholders including state and private business ones will work under reinforced mode to hold it successfully; ready to welcome this grand sport event.

Recall that Azerbaijan has a great successful experience of organizing and holding such kind of grandiose events like Formula 1, Eurovision, European Games, Islamic Solidarity Games.


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