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Uzbeks to fly to Georgia by direct flight for first time since collapse of USSR

Uzbeks to fly to Georgia by direct flight for first time since collapse of USSR

The aviation authorities of Georgia and Uzbekistan have successfully completed negotiations on the start of air links between the countries, Trend reports via Uzbek media.

From July 16, Uzbekistan Airways will launch Tashkent-Tbilisi flights to Tbilisi International Airport.

In the summer season, flights will be operated twice a week: on Tuesday and on Sunday.

Regular flights will be operated by the Airbus A320 airliner.

Back in early February, Tashkent hosted the 11th round of political consultations between the Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan and Georgia.

Direct flights between the two countries have been absent after the collapse of the USSR.

Today, flights are carried out through third countries and the minimum travel time from Tashkent to Tbilisi is more than eight hours.

In this regard, the Uzbek side raised with the Georgian delegation the question of the possible provision of the Fifth Air Freedom to the Uzbek airline.

The fifth degree of freedom gives airlines flying between two countries the right to take on board new passengers and cargo to be transported to a third country.

In the first quarter of this year, the increase in number of visits from Uzbekistan to Georgia broke a record.

From January to March, the citizens of Uzbekistan visited Georgia more than 4,500 times, which is 279.4 percent more compared to the same figures for 2018.


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