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US-China Trade War Prompts Some US Farmers to Switch Crops

US-China Trade War Prompts Some US Farmers to Switch Crops

PRINCETON, ILLINOIS — Although the skies are gray and the fields are bare, even before the first seed is planted in the fertile soil later this spring, farmer Evan Hultine knows corn is king this year.

İn fact, corn is the only crop you’ll see in his fields.“No beans this year for us,” Hultine told VOA while working on his planter.

“After about three months of the trade war, it was pretty clear that the president had long-terms goals in mind and at the time, my dad and I had talked, and we were way more comfortable with our ability to produce high-yield corn,” he said.

Corn and soybeans typically bring in the largest amount of profit for U.S. farmers each year. While many rotate planting the crops season to season as a way to improve the soil, the ongoing U.S. trade dispute with China is affecting routine decisions for farmers as they prepare to head to the fields for spring planting.

“İt’s definitely influencing the way we do things on the farm,” Hultine said.


Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

15 2019 11:33 -

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