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Sudan"s military council asks support from Arab states


Sudan's ruling military council asked support from Arab states on Friday to overcome the current political crisis in the country following a military coup, Anadolu agency reported.

“Sudan's ruling military council asks support from Arab ambassadors amid foreign pressures on country due to political crisis,” Omar Zein al-Abideen, the chairman of the military-political committee said.

On Thursday, the army announced the “removal” of al-Bashir, who has ruled Sudan since 1989, following months of popular demonstrations against his rule.

It also announced the imposition of a two-year "transitional phase" to be overseen by the military council; the suspension of Sudan’s 2005 constitution; and the dissolution of the country’s presidency, parliament and council of ministers.

Sudanese opposition parties and professional unions, for their part, have voiced their "total rejection" of what they describe as a "military coup".


Anar Ali,
"Khalq qazeti"

13 2019 13:01 -

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