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"Sea Cup - 2018" international competition solemnly opens in Baku

A solemn opening ceremony of "Sea Cup-2018" international competition has been held at the headquarters of the Naval Forces in Baku as part of the International Army Games-2018.

The leadership of the Defense Ministry, veterans, servicemen and foreign military attaches accredited to Azerbaijan, as well as commanders of the Naval Forces attended the event.

Teams of the naval forces of Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan entered the square under the state flags and accompanied by military bands. Azerbaijan’s state anthem was played and flag was raised.

Then, flags of the 4th International Army Games and “Sea Cup-2018” competition were brought to the square.

Addressing the ceremony, chairman of the Organizing Committee of “Sea Cup-2018" international competition, deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces – chairman of Combat Readiness and Military Education Central Department Nizam Osmanov said the competition aims to strengthen confidence, develop cooperation, foster friendship and competitiveness, and improve combat capabilities and psychological readiness of the military personnel.

Osmanov noted that this year’s "Sea Cup" coincides with a remarkable event when Azerbaijani people mark the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and the establishment of the Armed Forces.

As part of the International Army Games twenty-eight competitions will be held in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Iran and Russia from July 28 to August 11.

Along with the Sea Cup, Azerbaijani servicemen will also participate in the competitions Tank Biathlon and the Field Kitchen in Russia, Masters of Artillery Fire in Kazakhstan and Sniper Frontier in Belarus.

Representatives of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces will also join as observers the Depth and Army Scout Masters competitions to be held in Iran and Russia respectively. Representatives of Turkish, Pakistani, Bahraini, Saudi Arabian and US armed forces will also take part in the contest as observers.

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