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Brexit: “İt Aint Over, Till its Over”

Brexit:  “İt Aint Over, Till its Over”

LONDON — The mood of British passengers on the Rome-to-London flight was somber. They discussed whether they would still be European Union citizens the next time they fly to the Continent — and what hassles they will encounter at European airports, if they are not.

“Back to la-la land,” said 32-year-old IT worker Chris Gray, as the plane banked over southeast England for its final approach. Complaining about the off-again-on-again Brexit, he added grimly, “How do they expect firms to plan anything?”

His company is thinking of relocating to Holland, one of 240 currently negotiating with a Dutch government eager to lure post-Brexit British business.

Other passengers were more bullish. “We’ll make a go of it,” said 52-year-old accountant Peter Smiley. He voted for Brexit because of immigration and he wants “Britain to govern itself again.” “They just need to get on with it — this confusion is making a joke of us,” he added.

Seldom in peacetime has Britain been engulfed in the kind of political uncertainty now roiling the country — a muddle shattering its reputation for competent and predictable government.


Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

14 2019 10:38 -

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