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Kim Jong Un criticizes his country's health sector

Kim Jong Un criticizes his country's health sector

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un took aim at his country’s health sector, state media reported on Tuesday, the latest salvo of public criticism unleashed as part of his campaign to jumpstart economic development, Reuters reported.

Since a June summit with U.S. President Donald Trump in Singapore - where Kim lauded the city-state’s economic progress and “world-class” amenities - North Korea’s authoritarian leader has been on a blitz of visits to various industrial sites and factories, often criticizing sluggish development.

During a visit to the Myohyangsan Medical Appliances Factory in North Phyongan province northeast of the capital Pyongyang, Kim strongly condemned the lack of visible modernization at the factory, state media outlet KCNA said on Tuesday.

Saying “there is nothing to be proud of in the public health sector,” Kim promised personal attention to the work of updating the factory in keeping with the goal to “radically” improve “domestic production, automation and modernization,” KCNA said.


Masaim Abdullayev,
“Khalq qazeti”


21 2018 12:13 -

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