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Colorful Mandarin duck excites New Yorkers

Colorful Mandarin duck excites New Yorkers

İt is not easy to excite New Yorkers. This is one reason why actors and other famous people move to the city. They can live quieter lives and escape the paparazzi photographers who would follow them in Hollywood.

But New York has a new media star. And this star is not living so quietly.

The star is a colorful Mandarin duck. The bird first appeared this month in a small body of water in Manhattan’s Central Park.

Large crowds have gathered to see the duck. Reporters have been following its every move. The media attention on the duck has earned the name “quackarazzi” – a word combination of paparazzi and the sound a duck makes!

The duck has chosen to live in a costly part of New York -- just off Fifth Avenue, near the historic Plaza Hotel. There, hundreds of people turn up every day, hoping to see the bird show off its extremely colorful feathers.

Many people like the duck because its colors are like “sunsets,” says New Yorker Joe Amato. He comes to the park nearly every day with his camera equipment.


Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

7 December 2018 15:39 -

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