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"All properties destroyed in Ganja will be rebuilt" - Minister

The Armenian Armed Forces fired the ballistic missiles against the city of Ganja from the territory of Armenia. Many people were injured as a result of the rocket attacks on peaceful civilians in two parts of the city", Minister of Emergency Situations Kamaladdin Heydarov said while inspecting the scene in Ganja, AzVision.az reports. 

"The area is being inspected, the search and rescue operation continues", he said.

"More than 10 people have been killed and many injured. The amount of damage to the house is determined. ANAMA is dealing with the remains of the fired missile. The rocket also damaged five-story buildings situating far from the site where the rocket fell. However, citizens remain firm and resolute. There is no panic. This is another manifestation of Armenian atrocity".

"The Minister of Emergency Situations said that rockets were fired not only in Ganja but also in other settlements. As a result of this aggression, civilians are suffering. There is no military facility here. The places where the missiles were fired are densely populated and their aim was to commit atrocities, vandalism and provocations against Azerbaijanis. However, they take their lessons. The Azerbaijani Army is making decisive progress. The people of Azerbaijan support the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and appreciate their work in this area. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief writes history, and we are happy to live that history together. May God have mercy on our martyrs".

“Khalg gazeti”

17 Oktyabr 2020 12:55 - XƏBƏRLƏR

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